Providing Cloud Based Accounting Solutions to Small owners looking for Peace of Mind and Financial Empowerment

  • Are you looking for more than just year end tax compliance from your Accounting Professional?

    At RBS Bookkeeping Solutions we assist small business owners who are looking to grow their business using an efficient, tech savvy, scalable process for their financial record keeping. Our clients value the peace of mind, financial knowledge and empowerment we offer through our customized cloud based accounting services. We invite you to explore our video series below to learn more about RBS Bookkeeping Solutions and what we can do for your business

    Who is RBS Bookkeeping Solutions

    Who is RBS Bookkeeping Solutions and what do we offer our clients

    Questions to ask when hiring a bookkeeper

    Important questions to ask if you want to ensure you hire a qualified bookkkeeper

    The Value Of Bookkeeping Support

    How will you benefit from our support

  • What is Cloud Accounting?


    What is Cloud Accounting


    Why Use QuickBooks Online


    How we create Empowerment &  Confidence


  • Services that we offer

    Below is a sampling of the types of service packages we offer to our clients-watch the video for more details

    New Business Services

    For newish businesses (0-2 years old) looking for Professional set up, advice and support

    Established Business Growth Services

    For ambitious businesses (3-6 years old)  looking for Professional support to grow their business

    Clean up Services

    For businesses at any stage who are behind in their bookkeeping and in need of clean up/catch up work 

    Cloud Accounting & Automation Set up 

    For businesses at any stage who are interested in a modern, efficient, cloud based overhall of their accounting processes 

  • Determining if we are a good fit for you?


    Is a Cloud Solution right for you?


    See below what our clients say about us.......

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    Orange Theory Fitness Studio

    Stephanie Brundl, Owner says..........

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    The Mortgage Centre, Guelph

    Sandra Lastovic, Owner says..........

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    Possibility Films Inc.

    Peter Szabo, Owner says......................

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    Company of Women

    Anne Day, Owner says............................

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    Keith McLaren, CPA, CMA

    Accountant Keith McLaren says ........

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    Agentis Electric Ltd.

    Frank Cazzola, Owner and operator says....

    Right at Home, Waterloo Wellington

    Laura Greenway Balnar, Owner says........

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    S. Mullins, Estate executor

    Estate Executor, S. Mulluns says........

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    Journey Renovations

    Terri Ann Ford, Operations admin says......

    As new small business owners in Guelph we have been searching for resources that we can rely on and trust. We want true partnerships with people that can help us through our start up and continue to support the growing operational needs of our vibrant fitness studio. After searching and working briefly with others and fumbling around trying to "DIY" we meet Stephanie. What a Godsend! We immediately knew that she would go to exceptional lengths for us. We are thrilled to have Stephanie as our bookkeeper!

    Orange Theory Fitness Studio

    Connie Byrne, Owner Operator says.....

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    Suzuki String School of Guelph

    Tracy Jewell, Administrator says.........

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    Royal City Realty

    Irene Szabo, Realtor says...........

    MERAK Systems

    Arend van Eck CFO says......We are very happy with everything you have done and have a spectacular level of confidence going forward. Thank you!

  • What our Clients think of us

    We strive to be the best.

    From Connie Byrne, Orange Theory Fitness Studio, Guelph

    As new small business owners in Guelph we have been searching for resources that we can rely on and trust. We want true partnerships with people that can help us through our start up and continue to support the growing operational needs of our vibrant fitness studio. After searching and working briefly with others and fumbling around trying to "DIY" we meet Stephanie. What a Godsend! We immediately knew that she would go to exceptional lengths for us. We are thrilled to have Stephanie as our bookkeeper!

    From Peter Szabo, Possibility Films Inc.

    “For the past several years, Stephanie Rowe has been doing the bookkeeping for my sole proprietorship film production business, Possibility Films. She has always been very thorough and efficient in managing the books on a timely basis. She’s also extremely knowledgeable about tax matters and when I ask questions, she replies with complete answers and recommendations based on Canadian and Ontario tax regulations.

    “Last year, I opened a corporation to produce a feature-length film and I automatically asked Stephanie to take on the corporation’s bookkeeping. Stephanie gave me invaluable advice and guidance before opening the corporation, and after I opened the company, she set up a comprehensive set of accounts appropriate to the film production and entertainment business.

    “This is my first corporation and my first time dealing with investment loans and significant expenses for cast, crew, locations, equipment, and supplies. Stephanie has made it so much easier for me to manage these new financial matters, and brought me tremendous peace of mind, knowing I can trust her to watch over my accounts and advise me in appropriate ways to keep my focus on the business instead of getting stressed over the day-to-day numbers. My producing partners on the production have told me how much they value the effort I’ve put into managing the financial complexities of the production, but I give most of the credit to Stephanie for helping the whole corporation stay fiscally responsible and stable.”

    From Anne Day, Company of Women

    Two years ago I had the great fortune to find Stephanie and she took over my bookkeeping. Not only has she got me on track, organized and timely with my government payments, but she has sat me down with me to talk through the trends she is seeing. As a small business owner who has been in business for nineteen years, this is the first time I truly feel I have a handle on my finances. It is empowering and knowing your numbers gives you the ammunition to make sound business decisions moving forward.

    From Keith McLaren, Accountant CPA, CMA

    I would like to thank Stephanie for the excellent work that she provides. It is a joy to work on files that she has prepared and the prep work for income tax returns makes my job so much easier. I would highly recommend her services to prospective bookkeeping clients.

    From Frank Cazzola, Agentis Electric

    Stephanie at RBS Bookkeeping Solutions has been providing our business with sound, reliable bookkeeping for many years. As we have grown, she has provided us with solid advice and guidance. I know that I can depend on RBS to provide our business with the right information and strategies to navigate the financial side so we can focus on delivering great customer service, like RBS provides to us.

    From Laura Greenway-Balnar, Owner Right at Home Canada (G, KW, C)

    Stephanie has worked as our bookkeeper with Right at Home Canada-Guelph, Right at Home Canada-Cambridge and Right at Home Canada-Kitchener Waterloo since March 2015. Stephanie has been more than a valuable asset to all three organizations…..I would refer Stephanie to any business that requires a reliable, exceptional and professional bookkeeper

    From S. Mullins,

    Stephanie has been a lifesaver with her expertise solutions to track my Executor Accounting during a long Estate dissolution spanning 2 countries and 2 currencies. I remain grateful for her warm, calm and consistent professionalism as it eased the stress of the experience.

    From Terri Ann Ford, Journey Renovations

    We brought the bookkeeping for 3 businesses to Stephanie at RBS Bookkeeping in the spring of 2015. Stephanie corrected errors that had been years in the making. Stephanie goes out of her way to answer our questions and to explain our paperwork to us. She is prompt to respond to email communication. We are happy we have chosen to work with Stephanie Rowe.

    From Tracy Jewell, Suzuki String School of Guelph

    Stephanie has been managing the String Shop, a subsidiary of the Suzuki String School since January 2013. Stephanie has proved t have very good bookkeeping skills. She is very organized and her attention to detail is exemplary. She has been professional in all her dealings as well as being very flexible and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Stephanie to any bookkeeping position.

    From Irene Szabo, Royal City Realty

    Stephanie has been employed as my bookkeeper since January 2013. Stephanie is very reliable, accurate, responsive to questions and requests and often performs beyond the call of duty in doing things like reminding me to pay my tax installments. For these reasons I have and continue to highly recommend her to other business people looking for an excellent bookkeeper.

    From Sandra Lastovic, The Mortgage Centre

    RBS Bookkeeping has worked with me for 5 years. As a business owner I need accurate and detailed financial information. RBS provides excellent service and accuracy in bookkeeping. Stephanie is thorough and works in a professional way with my accountant to ensure all financial records are up to date!

    From Stephanie Brund, Orange Theory Fitness

    Stephanie Rowe and RBS have been indispensable to us in our business. She gave us complete peace of mind when it came to our bookkeeping and enabled us to focus on the zillion other things required to grow a successful business. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for a professional, detail-oriented bookkeeping partner for your small business you've found the best!

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